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The following terms are internationally accepted, so you’re understood at every KinoKabaret.

Kino is Greek for movement and has nothing to do with the German word ‘Kino’ (engl. = cinema). As the Kino-movement started in Canada it’s not even absurd. In the English and French speaking area the word Kino isn’t used the same as it is in the German language, as the Kinematograph and the Cinematograph were developed in different countries at the same time. The term Kino (germ. = Lichtspielhaus) developed itself from the word Kinematograph in Germany whilst the English ‘cinema’ and the French ‘cinéma’ took their source from the Cinematograph.
Using the term Kino to describe a movement there doesn’t cause confusion.

KinoKabaret is an event, normally lasting about a week that is organised by Kinoïtes in which process films are made and screened in so called ‘rounds’. The rounds last, depending on in which KinoCell they are organised, between two and three days. For that event Kinoïtes from the world are always invited automatically.

Kinoït is a of the Kino-movement encouraged person who already participated at a Kino shooting or KinoKabaret.

KinoCell is a city or region and the group of Kinoïtes that organize KinoKabarets and other events there. It also includes everyone who feels belonging.

Monthly screening is a, in ideal case, monthly event during which films are screened and spread from our and other KinoCells. A production meeting can be demanded afterwards.

Production meeting is an encounter of Kinoïtes who want to make a film and also the first part of each round during the KinoKabaret.

TurboKabaret lasts one weekend. It’s a Kabaret without much organisation. People meet, make films and screen them somewhere.

KinoLab is the centre of the Kabaret. A room with plenty tables, chairs and a lot of wires. The closer the screening gets the higher the tension gets in the room. You can feel it!

Quicky a really short, fast-realised short film that is shot and edited spontaneously during a round.

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