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Our KinoCell was started in February 2008 by Sven who moved from Hamburg to Mainz carrying the fever with him. At that time the KinoLab at ‘Peng’ was the perfect foundation for all the newly minted Kinoïtes.

Immediately he infected five new Kinoïtes: Karla, Lena, Daniel, Lukas and Erec. They organised the Kabaret two years in a row with great success and made it what it is today.

Since 2011 the Kabaret was directed in the third generation and since the end of 2011 KinoMainz is a registered association. Whoever feels like joining is most welcome.

In 2014, the fourth generation with Jan, Daniel, Usine and Patrick took over the organization and leadership of the KinoMainz e.V.

We always need motivated, bright and committed members. Contact us! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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