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The international KinoMovement

The idea of KinoKabaret started 1999 in Montreal, where a few friends had been betting to produce a short movie every month until the millennium comes. The original thought to shoot a movie in a very short time and with a small budged propagated itself fast from Montréal to cities all over the world. Today more than 80 groups of Kinoits exist on every continent of this planet. Only in Europe they are in most of the major cities: for example in Manchester, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Brussels, Vienna, Paris, Prag and many more.

«Do well with nothing, do better with little – but do it right now!»

This is the slogan of the worldwide KinoMovement.

A KinoKabaret is not a competition; the plot is to support each other with ideas, manpower and technique. The target is to realize a cinematic project in small teams. After 48 hours the produced films will be publicly shown on the big screen, if possible in a cinema. It is not about the perfect result but about the process of making films together.

Further information about the worldwide Kino movement are available at

Who can participate at KinoKabaret?

Our group is independent, free and open for everybody. No matter if you are an actor, a director, a screenplay writer, a light- or audioassistent, an editor, a makeup or fashion artist, a musician or if you are just an interested beginner…

Everybody is welcome who feels the vibe of realizing his film ideas with little founds in a short time. It doesn’t matter if you have experience in making films or not.

Sounds awesome! So when is the next Kabaret?

You’ll find a list of all European Kabarets and some oversea’s ones here.

The Kino Kabaret in Mainz will take place Mid/End August each year.

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